Photo work

As well as our writing services we can offer photo manipulation on your photo sets. ‘Air-brushing’ or ‘touching up’ as it is also sometimes called, involves making the models in your photo sets look more appealing, without making the images look ‘Photoshopped’ to death.

We are experienced in: Resizing images, removing major blemishes and subtly improving the skin appearance, adjusting light balance, colour balance where necessary, adding your logo or watermark, embedding EXIF and META data, and zipping up the files ready to send back to you.

Prices are negotiable as numbers in photo sets frequently vary, but take $35.00 for a set of 200 images as a rough average, bearing in mind that not all images will need work, and some may need lots of work.

We can exchange files by FTP, or zip downloads/uploads via our server or yours.

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